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Hero Pet Supplies Giving Statement Superhero Girl Gives Treat To Dog


At Hero Pet Supplies LLC, we want to do everything we can to improve the lives of your companion animals as well as the lives of all animals. That is why we are pledging at least 10% of all our profits to the 2019 Top US Charities as selected by Animal Charity Evaluators.

  • The Humane League: works to empower individuals and influence companies and legislators to adopt standards and policies to help put an end to animal abuse.
  • The Good Food Institute: focuses on collaborating with scientists, investors, and entrepreneurs to create groundbreaking clean and plant-based alternatives to animal products.

In an effort to be as fair as possible in our selection process, we chose these charities because Animal Charity Evaluators has selected them as the most effective US animal protection non-profits after their year-long research and review process.

We also value your feedback and have added one more charity by popular demand.

  • Best Friends Animal Society: focuses exclusively on ending the killing of dogs and cats in America's shelters and is the largest no-kill sanctuary in the United States.

Of course, none of these costs will ever be passed on to you as the customer; rather this 10% will be donated from our earnings.  We consistently donate more than 10% and will continue to do so going forward.  Thank you for being a hero for the animals!