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Hero Pet Supplies LLC gives you a wide selection of Cruelty-Free pet products guaranteed to make you and your pet’s smile a little bigger.

Our Motto: Be Their Hero!
We love our pets, and just like you, we only want the best for them. After all, our furry friends give us so much love, affection, and loyalty; the least we could do is make sure the products we get for them are of the highest quality - that’s why we created Hero Pet Supplies LLC!

Hero Pet Supplies LLC was founded on the idea of helping all animals, which is why we donate at least 10% of all profits to animal protection charities.

Hero Pet Supplies LLC was created out of love for the companion animals who have always been there for us. Our founder, Patrick, is grateful that his dog, Sawyer, has always been there for him. Our mission is to help you to spoil the fur-babies in your life - to be their hero!

In addition to adopting Sawyer, Patrick has an extensive background in animal protection. He’s spent his time interning at The Humane Society of the United States, Animal Equality, and The Humane League. When he isn’t playing with Sawyer or running Hero Pet Supplies LLC, you can find him dog sitting his family and friends' pets.

What’s Inside Our Store?
We are built on our love for pets, which means a better selection of premium pet supplies for you at affordable prices. Our pet supplies range from vegan dog food and treats to hand-knit toys, to pet carriers and so much more. Pretty much any product that you could need for Fido or Fluffy can be found at Hero Pet Supplies LLC.

We’re On A Mission!
Our mission is to help you bring the greatest amount of joy possible to your pets by offering you the highest quality pet supplies available. We do this through sourcing premium quality goods and partnering with manufacturers and distributors who share our vision for Cruelty-Free goods. No matter how far we have to go to connect with premium suppliers, we do it; we do not compromise on our standards.

They’ve Always Been There for you—Let Us Help You Be There for Them! 

Choose Hero Pet Supplies LLC for a diverse selection of Cruelty-Free pet supplies that are cost-friendly and that your best friend will love. If you have any questions or comments, we’d love to hear them. Please email us at