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What Is an Animal Sanctuary: Taking the Best Care of Rescued Animals

What Is an Animal Sanctuary: Taking the Best Care of Rescued Animals

March 01, 2020 0 Comments

Our planet is home to a large number of living beings. However, many animals are in situations where they are used, abused, or exploited at the hands of humans. This abuse causes a large number of animals who need to be rescued from harm and given a safe home.

pig and dog

Animal sanctuaries accept and take care of all types of animals who have been either neglected, tortured, or abandoned. Here, they are admitted, properly taken care of, and diagnosed in the best way possible.  They also play an important role in educating the general public about these animals. Suppose you are wondering, can dogs eat tomatoes, approach them and they will help advise you on the best ways to care for and feed the animal you’ve rescued.

What is an animal sanctuary?

Generally speaking, shelters and rescue centers for animals who need a safe and loving home are called animal sanctuaries. 

The main goal of an ideal animal sanctuary should be animal protection. Their activities span across areas like animal rescue, rehabilitation, and animal rights awareness. They also teach important details in taking proper care of animals, say for example, can dogs eat tomatoes, is it safe for cats to drink cow’s milk — all these kinds of doubts are cleared up and the information is passed on to the public. 

Animal sanctuaries normally accept all kinds of animals ranging from dogs, cats, rabbits, pigs, guinea pigs, ducks, and horses.

Where do rescued animals come from?

Do you have any idea of the number of companion animals who are stray or homeless?  The answer is a whopping 8 million and the majority of these are cats and dogs. 

You will be surprised to hear that these are just the numbers actually accounted for through the rescue centers and shelters.  These animals are rescued by sanctuaries and given a safe place to call their forever home.

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Taking care of rescued animals in sanctuaries and in our own homes

Before learning about how to take care of animals in our own homes, remember that it warrants lots of patience. It also takes commitment to take care of animals, as well as love, time, and money. Adopting an animal is a wonderful thing to do, but we should think about these things to ensure we can give them the best possible life before agreeing to bring them home.

Below are some brief points that can prepare you better in your effort to taking care of rescued animals.

  • It is always advisable to visit an animal sanctuary near you or talk to your friends who have experience in taking care of animals and get your questions answered.
  • Always have a plan in place with regard to the number and type of animals you will be taking care of, the housing of these animals, the personnel, time and the budget required.  Also, it’s important to identify the animals who go together well, for example, identifying cat-friendly dogs.
  • The animals need to be provided with some medical attention, keep the vaccinations up to date, and may require some kind of surgeries.  This points to the need of having a well-qualified veterinarian near your locality or to have one work with you. Additionally, you can get clarifications regarding their daily diet from a veterinarian, e.g. can dogs eat peanuts, or can dogs eat popcorn?

Finally, the most important aspect of animal care is their food habit and daily diet.  It is important to know what each animal prefers to eat and what they can actually eat.  Let us take the example of dogs.  Can dogs eat tomatoes? Experts say that it is not a good idea to include not-so-ripe tomatoes in their diet.  They say it is okay to feed both omnivorous and herbivorous animals with plant-based foods.

Who is Juliana's Animal Sanctuary?

Known as the first animal sanctuary South America has ever had, Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary was founded in 2006. They boast of a wide variety of animals varying from chickens and pigs to cats, dogs, goats, and horses.  This is a non-profit organization that upholds the motto of “Equality for All Beings.”

We human beings share this planet with animals. Therefore, we have a responsibility to protect the environment, animal habitats, and innocent animals from harm.  Animal sanctuaries play an important role in achieving this goal of protection and coexistence. Let us together make planet earth a wonderful place to live for all animals.

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