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Modern Vegan Dog Food Innovations

Modern Vegan Dog Food Innovations

March 31, 2020 0 Comments

We love our four-legged family members.

We only want what’s best for them so we spend time and money to give them complete vaccinations, take them to a groomer, and even buy the most expensive dog food available in the animal supply store.

But is your dog’s diet sustainable and healthy? With the ever-increasing wellness-conscious world, diet and nutrition innovations are now also setting root into the dog world.

Organic and clean vegan dog food

Humans, being omnivores, can certainly survive in a vegan diet.

But, does it apply to your canine buddy, too?

Of course it does! Doggos can survive a vegan diet since they too are omnivores. This means that the digestive system of dogs can digest and get nutrients from fruits and veggies and kibbles from vegan dog food brands.

A dog

As a matter of fact, there are various benefits that a vegan diet can give dogs. These include:

  •  Decreased skin issues
  • Reduced allergies, particularly for dogs allergic to animal proteins
  • Reduced bad breath
  • Improved weight management
  • Stimulating healthy skin and coat
  • Better immunity and vitality
  • Reduced risk of parasites

The vegan dog food industry has bloomed and is partially due to increased demand for vegan companion animal products, successful marketing and educational campaigns, and the demand for vegan products. There are even 100% vegan guesthouses across the world who help humans make vegan choices while traveling and share that opportunity with their companion animals too. How far we’ve come!

Leading vegan dog food companies

Just a few years ago there were hardly any vegan dog foods on the market, but now, new brands are being launched every few months. If you want to try out vegan dog food for your four-legged family member, then here are some of the leading vegan dog food brands you can trust.

1.  Wild Earth

Founded by Ernie Ward and Ryan Bethencourt, the Wild Earth vegan dog food brand has been one the pioneer in the vegan dog food innovation. As both animal lovers and dog parents themselves, the founders developed a plant-based formula, providing 100% of the nutrition that dog needs with minimal environmental impact.

2.  AMI

AMI food was founded in Italy and has been in the industry for over 10 years. They created their line of 100% vegan and pro-active pet food, and distribute it to more than 25 countries.

3.  V-Dog

Based in San Francisco, V-Dog is a family business that was founded in 2005. The inspiration for their vegan-based dog food came from the founder’s 2 vegan rescue Pitbulls. They develop various plant-based formulas for dogs of all breeds and sizes.

4.  Halo Pets

The Halo Pets story started with a sick doggo called Spot. The traditional dog foods were not helping his sensitive skin and delicate digestion. His human asked for advice from a chef and together ended up creating their own organic and vegan dog food brand offering a range of organic foods for both dogs and cats.

5.  Ketunpet

A newcomer in the plant-based dog food industry, Ketunpet has a strong focus on products that won’t cause allergies. Their formulas do not contain all common allergies while also being full of nutrition and gluten-free.

Wild Earth Dog Food: What makes it special?

A food for your dog

Among the list of top vegan dog food brands mentioned above, Wild Earth is quite special.


Well, unlike other vegan dog foods, Wild Earth uses technology, science and the power of fungus to create a new generation of vegan pet food.

An environmentally-conscious and health-focused startup, the recipes of Wild Earth dog foods are all created by vet and scientists, ensuring that they are nutritionally complete and balanced. Additionally, the brand refuses to do animal testing on their products.

The star ingredient of Wild Earth dog food is Koji, which is long-known as a superfood for its high nutritional profile. It is a complete protein and Wild Earth dog food even claims to have over 30% of protein content which is crucial for a canine’s diet.

In terms of carbs, Wild Earth offers high-quality sources including chickpeas, oats and sweet potatoes. It has no soy, corn, or rice formulas and is made without any artificial flavors, preservatives, or additives that can cause negative effects on your doggo’s health.

Plus, unlike other vegan dog foods, the Wild Earth kibbles are also surprisingly tasty with the Wild Earth dog treats having an irresistible flavor that dogs will surely love and ask you for more.