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How to Choose the Best Vegan Dog Food

How to Choose the Best Vegan Dog Food

February 17, 2020 0 Comments

The vegan movement is taking over the world, and it’s going beyond just human consumption. In fact, a lot of dog owners are turning to healthier vegan dog food options for their furry friends, especially with revelations that most animal-based processed foods fall into one of the four D categories: dead, dying, diseased, or disabled. So, you can just imagine feeding your beloved dog flesh from animals who died of infections or other diseases.

Why is conventional animal-based processed food for dogs unhealthy and potentially harmful?


With the busy schedules that most of us have, it’s so easy to lean towards convenient options in feeding our companion animals. Animal-based processed food is also attractive to dogs because of their smell and taste. But, are they really safe for their consumption? 

In reality, most commercially processed food items for dogs are feed grade, not human grade. This means that the ingredients used to make them are not fit for human consumption and may not also be healthy for your animal companions. These products also contain toxins, like mycotoxins, which are harmful to your dog's health in the long run, and most of these “meat and bone meals” that you see on the market could contain meat of dead animals from ranches, barns, animal shelters, slaughterhouses, and farms. Some producers even get food waste from stores and restaurants to be used in these products. 

So, if you don’t want to feed your beloved fur babies these unhealthy food options, it’s best to go for organic dog food instead. If you are unsure what brand to pick, you can always refer to the internet for a delicious vegan dog food recipe.

Why is plant-based food a better option for health, the environment, and animals?

“A vegan dog is a happy one,” so they say, and it is true. When you feed them vegan dog food, you’re giving them the opportunity to enjoy a better quality of life. For starters, these vegan foods are created to be easily digestible for your animal friends, which keeps them from having gas, constipation, or loose stools that could also be a huge hassle for you. 

Some breeds of dogs are also susceptible to allergies when fed with cows, chickens, eggs, and cow’s milk. Grains can also cause rashes, loose stool, vomiting, dry and itchy skin, and fur loss. 

Feeding them vegan pet food avoids all of these problems. 


Many plant-based foods are anti-inflammatory, which makes them perfect for older pets. These plant-based edibles contain the right nutrition to improve their endurance, strength, and mobility. If you have active dogs, you can try switching their food to vegan, so they can fully enjoy long walks and park plays.

And, since vegan foods are easily digestible, they are perfect for dog breeds that are prone to unnecessary weight gain. Making them follow a vegan diet can result in leaner, more toned bodies, making them healthy all throughout their lives.

How do you choose the best plant-based food on the market?


Choosing the best vegan dog food or food is just like choosing food that you’d want to feed your own family. For one, you have to think about an animal’s breed, age, activity, and reproductive status. Some vegan pet foods are created for specific breeds and ages, so make sure that you keep those things in mind when shopping for these products. Just like researching the best foods for preservative-free vegan nutrition, you also need to read ingredients carefully to see if they are purely vegan and don’t contain any harmful toxins that most commercial pet foods have.

Of course, it’s always very important to choose a brand that you can trust and buy only from a credible supplier to ensure quality every time. Feeding them may take more than just grabbing cans at the supermarket, but that extra time spent on research and reading labels will surely be worthwhile if it means you get to have a healthy and happy dog for many years to come.

Dogs are part of the family. They are known as man’s best friend for a reason. Whatever level of love and respect you give them, they will reciprocate ten times more. That’s why it is important that we take care of them properly by giving them the comfort they deserve and feeding them with clean protein dog food. You can even treat them like royalty by buying them fancy dog beds and litter boxes, to make sure they are happy and comfortable both inside and out.

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