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Playing With Your Cat: Cat Toys & Games

Playing With Your Cat: Cat Toys & Games

April 25, 2020 0 Comments

Cats require less physical activity than dogs, and they prefer to be alone more of the time. However, that doesn't mean that they can't enjoy or benefit from playtime. Playing is one way of giving your cat their much-needed exercise, and that’s why you also need to invest in some quality cat toys.

The question is, when playing with your cat, what are the best games to play with cats at home? Which ones can provide them the most fun and the best time?

Toys that your cat will surely love

Kittens are playing

There are a lot of toy cat options that you can find in the market today. But before that, let’s focus first on the kinds of games to play.

One of the excellent things about using toys is stimulation. Cats are likely to perk up when they see something that resembles a bird fluttering in the air, or a small animal running around. After all, cats are hunters by nature and enjoy chasing each other and play-fighting.

Some cats may be picky with toys. They may also lose interest fast. That’s why it’s good to find tried and tested cat toys. This way, you can alternate them and keep your fur babies constantly motivated and stimulated with different options. 

You can also learn how to play with cats without toys. You may try to play hide-and-seek, where you end up being the prey. 

The one issue to make sure you avoid is when cats associate your hands with toys. If you use your hands as the toys, every time a cat sees your hand, they may feel compelled to bite or scratch when initiating play.

That’s why it may be much better to learn how to play with a cat wand or toy instead of using your hands or feet as toys. Here are a few good toys to use:

1. Knit Knacks

Hand-knit (and adorable) plush toys for cats. They are small, so cats can easily play or wrestle them and soft enough they will love to cuddle them when it’s nap time. They also squeak—something that cats go crazy for.

2. Interactive Puzzle Toy

This cat puzzle toy can provide endless fun for cats, which lets them do many things with it. They can chase the balls inside or play with the wand. It’s a great tool for busy people to entertain your feline friend with.

3. Three-Way Tunnel

Hunting is a cat's natural instinct. What better way to stimulate this than letting them roam and hide in a three-way cat tunnel? It’s also a toy that’s ideal for a multi-cat household. Since it’s collapsible, you can easily store it after using it.

Why is playtime important for cats?

Now that you know the different cat toys you can find, let’s talk about why playing chase with a cat is beneficial for them (and even for you).

  1. It allows your cat to exercise. Like other animals, they can become overweight or obese when sedentary. The excess fat can increase their risk of chronic diseases, such as diabetes. They may also be prone to joint pain and arthritis.

Playtime is healthy for both of you! It’s also a great way for you to bond.

  1. It releases your cat’s pent-up energy. Cats are energetic animals, which is an evolutionary trait they developed to hunt. Many of them, though, live inside homes, so they don’t have an outlet to release their hunting tendencies. 

It can become the reason for some cats to become fearful or aggressive with other animals or unintentionally scratch their human guardians when interacting. They may also end up disturbing you in your sleep if they haven’t exerted enough exercise in the day. 

Coming up with different games to play with cats is one of the best home tips for every fur parent. They allow your cats to practice their hunting skills and release all that pent-up energy.

Playing is an amazing way to bond with your cat, who also needs plenty of love and attention (even if sometimes they would rather be on their own). With all the toys available, you’ll have a reason to add playtime in your list of to-dos.