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Fun Indoor Games for Dogs: Coronavirus Compilation

Fun Indoor Games for Dogs: Coronavirus Compilation

April 19, 2020 0 Comments

The pandemic caused by COVID-19 has affected millions of people around the world. Plenty of cities are now under community quarantine, compelling people to stop working and stay in their homes. While this situation is saddening for humans, your furry friends couldn’t be happier that you’re stuck at home with them for some time. Still, this hinders them to go outside.

Now, being isolated at home shouldn’t be boring for you and your dog. Both of you can still have fun and be active. Check out these fun indoor games for dogs:

Indoor games you can do with your dog

Chuck it

Nothing beats the classic game of fetch with your pooch. You can still play ball games for dogs within the comfort of your home. Just make sure that your appliances and breakables are secure in case your dog gets too excited.

To make your playtime more enjoyable for your furry friend, get a brightly-colored rubber ball that is specially designed to fit their mouth.

Tug of war

Playing tug of war won’t just entertain your dog, but will also teach them self-control. It’s a great mental exercise that allows them to healthily display their predatory nature. Additionally, it’s one of the best indoor games for dogs to tone and strengthen their muscles. Just use a soft dog toy made of canvas to avoid hurting their gums.

Find the treats

A good way to stimulate your dog’s olfactory skills is to let them find treats that you’ll hide around the house. You can use chopped fruits, vegetables, or organic dog treats. Place these treats in challenging areas and don’t forget to praise and reward your dog every time they find one. This will surely become one of your pup’s favorite indoor dog games in no time.

Guess the cup

This is a mental exercise that will enhance your dog’s problem-solving skills. Get three cups and place a ball (or any small object) under one cup. Shuffle the cups and let your dog guess which cup has the object. Playing brain games for dogs will sharpen their mind and keep them alert.


One of the indoor games for dogs that will keep both you and your dog entertained is hide-and-seek. Since dogs have a heightened sense of smell, finding you will be easy for them, so you’ll have to find creative ways to hide in and around the house.

Obstacle course

Agility training games for dogs don’t require a big backyard or special equipment. You can create an indoor obstacle course using common household items. For example, you can stack several rolls of toilet paper and let them jump over it. You can use stools or bottles as weaving poles. You can also use hula hoops which they can leap through.

Importance of staying active even under quarantine

A dog with a toy and two people

Building a healthy immune system is more important than ever because of the pandemic. Regular exercise provides plenty of benefits for both you and your dog. It strengthens the bones and muscles, maintains a healthy weight, and improves respiratory health.

As for your dog, playing games will improve their behavior. Being stuck inside for too long is not ideal for them because they are naturally active and social creatures. You must create an outlet for their energy through indoor games and exercise. Otherwise, they would resort to destructive habits, like scratching the furniture, chewing on objects, or jumping up on people.

Once the quarantine period is over, you can then enjoy more activities to make up for the time that you both had spent cooped up indoors. For example, you can visit an animal sanctuary together, or, you can visit a story studio that is dedicated to making a difference for people and animals alike. 

Whatever your dog’s breed, age, and size may be, physical activity is necessary. Isolating at home shouldn’t be an excuse for you to skip playing and exercising with them. All you need is your creativity and energy to make the most out of home quarantine.