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How to Get the Most Out of Dog Toys and Avoid Boredom

How to Get the Most Out of Dog Toys and Avoid Boredom

June 09, 2020 0 Comments

You might not be aware of it, but dogs also suffer from boredom like their human companions. Just like people, dogs also need to keep themselves busy and entertained throughout the day. The problem, however, is they don’t have much to do, unlike humans who have work, books, TV, and other forms of entertainment to keep them preoccupied. This is where finding the best dog toys for boredom comes in.

It is up to you to find them the best dog toys to prevent boredom. However, there are lots of dog toys to choose from, so this can be a bit of a challenge.

Lucky for you, we’re here to help make this task a lot easier.

Why do dogs love to play with toys

If you’re wondering, why do dogs play with toys, the answer is simple. They need something to do since they don’t have a job to keep them busy. If your dog doesn’t have a toy to keep them preoccupied, they will exhibit a few signs of boredom.  

One indicator that your dog is bored is when they follow you around all day in an excited state. They would also try to get your attention all the time by barking and whining. At worst, they would resort to destructive behavior.

If you don’t want your dogs to show any of these, you should get them a few good dog toys for boredom.

Qualities to look for when buying dog toys

When buying a toy for your dog, there are a few factors that you should consider. Here are the most important things to look into before buying such a product:

Size – In finding the best dog toys to fight boredom, you should keep in mind that size does matter. If you have a big dog, of course, you should not buy them a small toy. This can cause choking. On a similar note, if you have a small dog, then you should not also get them a toy that they won’t be able to easily carry around.

Safety – Toys that have sharp edges, removable parts, and components that can be easily chewed off should be avoided.

Design – When looking for the best dog toys for boredom, always buy toys that are specifically made for dogs. Some people would give their dogs stuffed toys for children. This practice is not safe for your pooch because these items may not be durable enough. There are parts that they can easily tear apart and ingest.

Durability – Since it is a given that your dog will give their toy a good chew, your chosen toy should be sturdy.

The next question you can ask yourself is how many toys should a dog have? The answer to this can vary. Some dogs like having lots of toys to choose from, while others are happy with only one. It’s up to you and your dog how many toys you buy.

The best dog toys to prevent boredom

A dog with a ball

So, which toys are the best dog toys to beat boredom? Here are some ideas that you can choose from:

Canvas toys – These come in a variety of shapes, sizes, prints, and colors. One of the most popular shapes for canvas toys is the dog bone. Another popular shape is the heart.

Knit Toys – Some of the best quiet dog toys that you can get for your fur baby are knit toys. Like canvas toys, these items also come in many different colors, sizes, and shapes, such as animals, balls, fruits, and more.

Hard rubber toys – These provide your dog with hours of carrying around and chewing. Since these toys are very durable, they can last a very long time.

Playing with your dog

A girl is hugging her dog

Getting your dog a few of the best dog toys for bored dogs is just one way to keep them entertained. You should make sure that you schedule some playtime with them too. Playing with your dog will not only provide them with mental and physical stimulation but will also relieve them of stress. It also helps solidify your bond with your dog. 

There are lots of things you and your furry friend can do, both indoors and outdoors. Here are just a couple of the most popular ones that you can try:

Tug of war – This is a game that you can do both indoors and outdoors. All you need is a sturdy canvas toy or a rope toy.

Guessing games – This is an indoor game that helps develop your dog’s brain. For example, you can have them try to find under which cup you placed a treat.

If you want to get your dog some safe, durable, and fun toys around, you should check out the toys found on Hero Pet Supplies. We have lots of great items that will help your dog beat boredom. 

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