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Animal Stories: Hero Animals and Their Second Chance at Life

Animal Stories: Hero Animals and Their Second Chance at Life

March 11, 2020 0 Comments

People have done many heroic things throughout history. Stories of patriotism formed a central idea of love for one’s country. But heroism also exists in the animal kingdom. In social media, there are so many stories about animals saving humans or other animals from danger. 

Just because animals don’t have a complicated voice box and complex spoken language like humans, their actions show that they too have a sense of empathy and compassion for others.

It’s nice to reward animals for showing compassion to others as well. They’ve done a kind thing and we should show them love in return! There’s a chuck it ball, a rope toy, and other fun toys for every heroic animal out there. Let it be known to the world, heroism among animals makes the world a much better place to live and reminds us that kindness doesn’t solely exist among humans.

Who are these animals and what makes them heroes?

A dog

Capone the Chihuahua

Married couple Angela and Isaac Fullmer saw a homeless dog wandering on a highway one day and knew that they wanted to rescue him. They named the dog Capone and gave him a happy life under their care. A year later, it was Capone’s turn to save their lives. He alerted Angela to a fire that started in their kitchen. As a result of this heroic act, everyone in the Fullmer family was safe and sound.

Katrina the Labrador

Labradors are strong swimmers, and Katrina the black lab proved this after he saved a man’s life. During Hurricane Katrina, the brave dog saw a man drowning from the rising floodwaters. Katrina dove in the raging waters grabbed the man and took him to a safer location. The two had to wait for the rescuers to save them both. Thanks to Katrina, the man had a second chance at life.

Apollo the Pitbull

Contrary to popular belief, Pitbulls are gentle dogs. However, they do become aggressive if they sense danger, like what Maya Fairweather’s rescue dog, Apollo, did. She and Apollo were taking a walk when a stranger grabbed her headphones and pushed her to the ground. Apollo understood what had happened and bit the attacker on the leg. Thanks to Apollo, Mary wasn’t robbed and was saved from an even scarier experience!

How can you give rescued animals a second lease on life?

Rescued bird

Rescued animals have often experienced bad situations, and that’s why they’re looking for a new home. We have the opportunity to give them a second chance at a peaceful and loving life if we look out for them the way they looked out for others in the examples above.

You can make sure that your rescue animals are safe and sound by building an electrical monitoring system for animals at home. This way, you can ensure they are safe and sound even when you’re not home with them.

Animals like toys, such as the chuck it ball for example. They enjoy playing with squishy and soft toys. You can entertain them by giving them a durable toy and spending some time playing together!

Also, make sure to give your companion animal a beautiful indoor sleeping mat or comfortable bed so that they will have a comfortable sleeping area at night.

If you have a cat, give them cat balls to play with. Cats have a timid nature and they are not as playful as dogs. But when they are kittens, they will want to play a lot, and they still need love and care.

How are animals misjudged?

People often misjudge animals due to the fear of getting hurt by them. Just turn the channel to National Geographic and you’ll find tv shows dedicated to “dangerous animals” that you should be scared of. But what most people don’t know is that animals aren't harmful if we just leave them be.

  • Sharks
  • Hollywood portrays sharks as predators for both sea-creatures and humans as well. But sharks don’t attack without reason. Sharks only attack when they think there’s a threat. But if everything’s cool, they’re just passing by and having a great swim time.

  • Wolves
  • In the movies, wolves are depicted as aggressive killers, and sometimes even transform into werewolves. The truth is, wolves are related to dogs, and even though they don’t act like domesticated dogs, they certainly don’t go out of their way to hurt humans.

    As long as wolves are left to their own devices, they pose no threat to anyone other than the animals they hunt for food. Just check out the increasing trend of wolf-dog sanctuaries to see how they can live peacefully alongside humans!

  • Black Cats
  • Superstition has tainted the image of black cats. For many people, a black cat is a sign of bad luck. But there’s no logical reason to support such claims. These cats may have a dark coat, but they’re normal cats just like any other!

    Don’t get sucked into the marketing tactics of those who wish to make us afraid of wild animals! All animals exist in the same way we do - to have their own lives. For those companion animals who have come to the aid of humans or other animals, let’s be sure they are handsomely rewarded for their compassion by giving them the best life possible.