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Choosing the Best Scratching Post for Cats

Choosing the Best Scratching Post for Cats

April 24, 2020 0 Comments

As a cat lover, it's only natural to want only the best for your beloved feline friend—from the best cat food, bed, toys, and supplements to the best cat scratching post. 

However, choosing the best cat scratching post can be a difficult task if you don't pay enough attention to your cat's needs and wants. You may even end up with several different scratching posts that your cat ignores. However, this doesn't mean they don't like them. You just probably got the wrong ones. 

One common mistake people do is that they buy stuff that appeals to them, without thinking about the preferences of their cats. So, what is the best cat scratching post?

What to look for in a scratching post

An indestructible cat scratching post is an essential item for any healthy and well-adjusted cat. Providing them an outlet for their urge to scratch will help save your drapery, carpet, and furniture from destruction. 

Here are some factors to consider when choosing the best cat scratching post.

Texture and material

Digging their claws deep into a scratching post is how cats remove the loose layer of their claws. That's why the best cat scratching post material should have a good texture. Otherwise, your cat will ignore it and proceed to scratch your antique dresser. 

Sisal, a fibrous rope made from the agave plant, is a durable material. Most cats also love the texture of this material. 

Scratching posts made from corrugated cardboard are also a popular option.


Choosing the best cat scratching post does not have to be complicated. You just need to observe your cat's actions very carefully. For example, when cats scratch the side of the couch, a tall-stand up post may be exactly what they need.


The height of the scratcher is also important when looking for the best cat scratching post. This is because cats need to have a way to flex and stretch their bodies. 

So, if you do choose to buy a stand-up scratching post, make sure to consider the full body length of your cat. The best cat scratching post for large cats should have enough height to allow your favorite feline buddy to do a full stretch.


Another thing to consider when looking for the best cat scratching post to file nails is its stability. Nothing scares off a cat more than a scratching post that wobbles and falls. Cats like a sturdy and unmovable scratcher because that's their nature. 

Additionally, a wobbly scratcher is unsafe, as it might topple over and hit your cat.


Even the world's best cat scratching post will not work if they are not correctly positioned. Make sure to place the scratcher near the object your cat has been scratching. This provides them with an option. Spraying the scratcher with a bit of catnip will help lure them to it. Once your cat is used to the scratching post, you can now move it to a more appropriate location.

Of course, before you buy anything, you may want to check the best cat scratching post reviews online. You may also ask friends and family with cats for suggestions and recommendations.

Why are scratching posts important?

Scratching post

Cats are known to have a habit of constantly scratching anything they come across. This is not a sign of any behavioral problem. Rather, it's a natural instinctive trait that cats possess—big or small.

Unfortunately, when they don't have enough toys or things to scratch or play with, they will start scratching your wall, bed linen, draperies, furniture, and mattresses. Providing them with the best cat scratching post ever will give them an outlet for their instinct to scratch—without destroying your home.

Although it may seem like an annoying habit, it's actually good for the health of your cat. Scratching is a good form of exercise for them. It also helps reduce stress while keeping their claws in proper shape. Plus, if you have more than one cat, it provides a common ground where they can meet, play, and interact with each other.

Our companion animals truly make us happy, and we should also do our part in keeping them happy to be with us as well. For your cat, make sure you give them the love, care, and attention that they deserve.