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Can Dogs Go Vegan?

Can Dogs Go Vegan?

March 20, 2020 0 Comments

Is a meat-free, all-vegan diet possible for dogs? 

There has been a lot of debate surrounding veganism for dogs. Some are saying it is cruel to deprive the pets of what they are supposed to eat. Others also believe that if humans can do it, why can’t they?

To answer the question, yes, it is possible. 

Dogs and other omnivorous animals can survive eating plant-based only. In fact, this type of diet offers them various health benefits, most of which are similar to what humans get when they go vegan. As a result, many dog parents are now embracing the trend, and dogs are going vegan, too!

So, the next question would be: what’s the best vegan dog food out there? You cannot just toss a carrot or handful of spinach to them. Give them something that’s not just healthy, but appropriately calorie and nutrient-dense, and delicious as well.

Vegan dog food options

Due to the rising trend of veganism in companion animals, many vegan dog food options and recipes have become widely available. Here are the best vegan dog food options you can try for your pup:

Option #1: Store-bought food

Dog food from supermarkets and online shops have improved in a lot of ways. For one, the formulations have evolved, as buyers are now considering the ingredients that go into a good product.

Store-bought food products offer several benefits, including:

  • Less preparation time. There is no need to peel, slice and dice, or cook. Just open a bag or can and serve. This is ideal for busy pup parents.
  • Nutrition-packed goodness. Many brands contain the necessary nutrients pets need to be healthy, including vitamins, minerals, protein, and other necessary supplements your dog needs.
  • Specialty food options. Just like humans, dogs can have allergies or lactose-intolerance too. With store-bought food options, you can choose which one is a best fit for their allergies.

Option #2: DIYs and Recipe-based food

Many dog lovers have come up with their own homemade recipes and DIYs so they can feed their own animals without going out to buy a packaged one. Here’s why:

  • You know the ingredients. If you are paranoid about the kind of ingredients that are used in store-bought food, with homemade food, you don’t have to worrysince you are the one preparing it. 
  • Can be customized.  You also have the option to customize breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner because you have control over the ingredients.
  • Fresh and healthy. Similar to cooking for yourself, you can choose to prepare fresh and healthy products only.
  •  Dog snacks

    Truthfully, both options offer great benefits in terms of health content and preparation. The choice depends on the availability of ingredients and access to packaged dog foods in your area. 

    Moreover, you can also mix and match recipe-based and store-bought food options during certain days of the week. As long as dogs love them, then the choice is really up to you.

    Advantages of buying vegan dog food

    Buying vegan food can be beneficial for both humans and dogs for so many reasons:

    For fur parents:

    1. There is no need to think of what to cook for your companion animals that day. You can just grab a pack of tasty treats and you’re feeding them in just seconds.
    2. Store-bought products are well-packed so there’s no hassle in the grocery store. They are also available online, therefore, everything will be delivered at your door.
    3. You can take them anywhere you and your dog go, whether on a trip abroad or just at the park.

    For dogs:

    1. They are vegan, first of all, so that’s healthy already. Most of these store-bought food items are also made with 100% natural ingredients to promote wellness in dogs.
    2. Most brands have speciality choices because there are also dogs that are allergic to some ingredients or have sensitive tummies. 
    3. Finally, this food option is usually formulated with well-balanced nutritional content for the health and wellness of the dogs.

    Meat-free diet for dogs: Is it possible?

    So, is a meat-free diet possible for dogs? Yes, it is. It’s clean, healthy, and offers several other benefits not just for your beloved furry pal, but also for you as a dog parent. Studies show dogs are omnivores so they don’t depend on meat alone. You can feed them the best vegan dog food available to you.

    Finally, if you’re a huge supporter of the ethical benefits of veganism, you can start influencing others to make better choices for themselves, the planet, and the animals by going vegan. You can find resources for your friends about how to go vegan and find nutritious plant food to make their journey easier.

    Due to the increased number of people speaking up about the cause, social media influencers, and successful marketing campaigns exposing the truth about the benefits to this lifestyle, more people are going vegan, and the vegan options to them are more abundant. This trend will increase, so support your local vegan businesses, buy cruelty-free products, and demand to see these changes continue in the world.