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Animal News Magazines You Should Check Out

Animal News Magazines You Should Check Out

June 02, 2020 0 Comments

Before the arrival of the TV and the internet, the best way to get information about animals and wildlife is through print media. Animal news and pet business magazines were so popular back in the day when every school library used to have a handful of them from different publishers. 

Today, getting access to a pet business news magazine is easier and more convenient than ever with online digital subscriptions. Whether you want to explore the wonderful and fascinating world of animals or want to know more about caring for your animal friend, you can get a wealth of information from these animal news magazines.

National Geographic

National Geographic, with its rich source of adventure photography and documentaries, is considered as one of the pioneers among wildlife magazines. This publication has served generations of biologists, researchers, scientists, and wildlife enthusiasts from all over the world with their breathtaking photographs and insightful articles.

Dogs Monthly

Dogs Monthly provides helpful advice to all dog lovers. From deworming to training a teething puppy, it covers everything you need to know about man's best friend. Every edition is packed with helpful information about different breeds and how to take care of them. You want to know how to train your dog or where the best walks are? This magazine is definitely for you.

National Geographic Kids

Born out of the success of the National Geographic magazine is National Geographic Kids. This magazine helps children explore and learn more about wildlife. Children who are 6 years old and up will find its content fun and interesting. For parents, it’s also a good way to inspire, educate, and empower your kids as they discover new things about the animal kingdom.

Bird Watching

A bird

Bird Watching, as the name suggests, is all about the observation and study of birds in their natural habitat. In this magazine, you will find award-winning pictures of rare exotic species of birds, as well as interesting articles on how you can improve your bird watching techniques. This magazine will also tell you where and when to find certain species and how to photograph them. You can subscribe to either its printed or online digital copy.

Birds and Bloom

A publication dedicated to birds and flowers—what's not to like? If you love everything about gardens and birds, then this magazine is for you. It is filled with stunning close-up shots of flowers and birds, which will take your outdoor enjoyment to a new level. Plus, it also offers useful gardening tips and advice.

World Wildlife Magazine

World Wildlife Magazine was founded and funded in 1961 by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). It is considered as one of the most organized magazines on wildlife. You can get it in either printed or electronic format. Whatever you choose between the two, the money from your subscription goes to the welfare trust of WWF. So, by subscribing to this magazine, you are already helping save the natural ecosystem and its inhabitants.

Animal Tales

Here's another animal magazine that your kid will surely love. Animal Tales is overflowing with stunning photos and heartwarming stories about different pets. There are also fun quizzes and puzzles children can do. Plus, you will find interactive games and activities you can do with your animal companion to teach them new tricks.

Your Cat

Another one that has made it to our list of best animal news and pet business magazines is Your Cat. This magazine is devoted solely to our beloved feline friends. So, if you are a cat person, you will find great joy while reading this magazine. Whether you are looking for some information to improve your cat knowledge or are about to raise your first kitten, this magazine is a must-have. Learn valuable cat care tips and the ABCs of cat health in each issue of this magazine.