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Airline Approved Dog Carriers and How to Fly with Pets

July 07, 2020 0 Comments

If you see more dogs than usual at the airport, you're not dreaming. More animals are indeed flying! United Airlines alone carries over 150,000 pets and therapy dogs annually. 

Some of them get a spot in the cabin, while others need to be in the cargo area. Either way, you need to keep them safe, beginning with choosing the best dog carrier airline companies will say yes to. 

Why you should only use the best pet carrier for airline travel

Today, you’ll find dozens of pet carrier designs, but not all of them are airline-approved and ideal for dogs. Why do you need to choose the best pet carrier, anyway? 

  1. Pets Are Not Immune to Turbulence 

Although most pets end up in the cargo hold, the airline places them at the back underneath the cabins. This area should have the same pressure and temperature as the cabin does. 

It doesn’t mean the area exempts these dogs from the effects of turbulence. As the plane moves, some objects may shift and move closer to these kennels. 

When it shakes vigorously, these items, such as luggage, can fall onto the carrier. Now imagine what happens if the exterior isn’t durable.

Smaller and therapy dogs may go with you in the cabin. However, unless they are for assistance, those pooches still need to be inside the carrier and stowed underneath your seat. The bag can still move during turbulence. 

  1. Pets Can Feel a Lot of Anxiety 

If flying can frighten humans, then it must be a lot worse for pets, especially those that aren’t trained for assistance or therapy. These animals will find themselves in an unknown place—and without you beside them! 

The best dog carrier that is airline approved provides a tight space for your furry friend. It leaves only enough room to stand, sit, and sleep. It prevents your animal from moving around often. Most of all, boxed-in design makes them feel more secure and safe

  1. Airlines May Have to Move Your Pet 

When you need to move to another plane or even an airline, so does your pet. Unless they are therapy animals, they need to go with your luggage and wait for a long time. 

The best dog carrier airline companies will approve of has a strong exterior but comfortable interiors, so they can (hopefully) relax. 

Overall, you should buy the best pet carrier for travel not only because it is airline approved but because you want them to feel safe and comfortable—like you. 

How to choose the best dog carrier for air travel

A bag for dog

Let’s make shopping for carriers easy with these tips:

  1. Learn Airline Regulations First

Your fancy pet carrier is useless if it doesn’t meet the airline pet carrier dimensions. The figures can vary between airlines. 

Usually, though, if the dog needs to be in the cargo hold, the kennel must be 17.5 inches long, 12 inches wide, and 7.5 inches high. 

If you want to stow them under your seat, the ideal measurement is 18 inches long, 11 inches wide, and 11 inches high. It must not higher than the gap between the floor and the cabin seat. 

  1. Know the Size of Your Dog 

The dog’s size will determine the best dimensions for your crate or kennel and the best location for them during the flight. 

If they are medium-sized or big, they are likely to be in the cargo hold. The best dog carrier airline companies will like is a hard-sided kennel. 

If you have a small dog, they can stay with you in the cabin underneath the seat. The ideal carrier is the soft-sided kennel, which can compress slightly.   

The best-sized kennel is one where your dog can sit upright, lie down, and stand without issues. You should measure your pooch while in these positions and then compare them to the sizes available. 

  1. Find a Dog Carrier That’s Comfortable to Move Around 

Traveling with your pet to a lovely destination is an experience others can only dream of. Don’t waste it by buying a dog carrier that’s easy to store and move around. 

Usually, the bag is expandable and collapsible, so it doesn’t take up space in your accommodation. You can also store the supplies your dog needs, such as snacks and leashes. Some are convertible to backpacks or duffel bags.

  1. Get One That’s Breathable 

The last thing you want to happen is for your dog to get sick or even die from suffocation. Use these tips when shopping for the best pet carrier airline travel: 

  • If you’re traveling for hours, find a kennel that allows you to attach a water container and a food bowl.
  • If the dog is staying in the cabin, get a bag with a mesh. This way, you can check how they are from time to time. The mesh will also allow them to breathe properly. 

The best on-board dog carriers this 2020

What are your best options for pet carriers? Here are great recommendations:

  1. Airline Approved Collapsible Pet Carrier

The best dog carrier for airline cabin, this design includes a durable PVC body with a lightweight center. It is steady and strong, but it is comfortable to carry. You can unzip it 360 degrees for easy pet release, while the strap lets you convert it into a carry-on fast.

  1. Pet Life Roomeo Airline Approved Collapsible Dog Carrier

The expandable carrier is great if you’re living in a household with multiple dogs of various sizes. By attaching another mesh, you can add more space for your bigger pooches. The mesh also makes the crate more breathable and even ideal for the outdoors.

  1. Airline Approved Mystique Fashion Pet Carrier

Everybody deserves to travel in style—including your dog! The reverse-sided bag features a sassy ruffled design at the front with mesh netting on the sides for breathability. It also comes with a gold strap and a leash holder.

  1. Airline Approved Folding Zippered Pet Carrier

The best dog carrier with airline-approved designs takes your pooch’s comfort to heart, and this one of them. The folding sturdy bag includes pockets and pouches to hold your dog’s needs, such as water and snacks.

  1. Touchdog Ultimate-Travel Airline Approved Backpack

Traveling with a big dog is challenging, so make it simpler and easier with an airline-approved crate you can transform into a backpack. If your back is sore, you can convert it into a duffel bag! 

More helpful tips on flying with your companion animals

How do you become one of the champions for animals, especially during airline travel? Here are a few more ideas:

  • Keep yourself up-to-date on the changes in pet travel policies. Contact your airline before you board the flight.
  • As much as possible, fly direct.
  • Know animal rights when flying.
  • Always make their safety and comfort a priority. Remember, not all dogs can fly.
  • If your dog has to stay in the cargo hold, attach a water dispenser.
  • Inform the airline before you board that you have a pet with you.
  • Include snacks or some well-wrapped food inside the kennel. The airline staff can feed them, especially during lengthy delays.
  • Keep your dog’s medical records and documentation handy.
  • Attach a current photo of your dog to the kennel. 


Flying with a pet, such as a dog, can be both exciting and scary. You can give yourself some peace of mind with the best dog carrier you can afford. Hero Pet Supplies have many options for you, so you and your pooch can have the safest, most comfortable flight ever.